What Are the Sexually Transmitted Infections?

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What are the Sexually Transmitted Infections? The answer is that these are infections that can be transmitted sexually. Some sexually transmitted diseases are Herpes, STD, HIV, and AIDS. Amongst women, vaginal yeast infection is the most common. Amongst men, genital infection is considered rare. A common misconception about what are the Sexually Transmitted Infections is that they are all caused by the same thing, which is untrue.

Although they have similar symptoms and causes, sexually transmitted diseases differ in their treatments as well as in their recurrence rate. A person who is infected with HPV does not require treatment to a patient suffering from Herpes needs to undergo a treatment and then needs a rest for a period of time. A person with HIV needs a prescription for a certain dosage of medication and then has to undergo a special HIV test. And the person with AIDS needs ongoing treatment even after he has been diagnosed as AIDS. Also, it takes time before one is completely cured from any of the sexually transmitted diseases.

Although they are considered to be sexually transmitted, what are the consequences involved in having one? In short, it is not so simple to live with the disease. It is not advisable to have Sexually Transmitted Infections if there is no guarantee that one will not get infected again. It is always better to stick to safe sex and use protection.


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